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Teacher and Young Student


At Ragonese Psychological Services, LLC, Dr. Ragonese and her staff of trained professionals will work with you at your initial appointment to discuss the unique needs in order to determine a comprehensive battery of assessments that will address the referral question and provide the most useful information to drive treatment and interventions. Psychological assessment can be utilized effectively to assess for a variety of clinical issues and diagnoses. We strive to complete comprehensive psychoeducational and psychological evaluations in order to gain information about an individual's strengths and weaknesses. Our staff members have advanced training in the area of psychological assessment and have worked across a variety of settings including hospitals, mental health community agencies, schools, and independent counseling offices.

Private Evaluations:

At Ragonese Psychological Services, LLC, Dr. Ragonese and her staff complete comprehensive psychological evaluations of intellectual ability, patterns of learning strengths and weaknesses, academic achievement, executive functioning skills, adaptive behavior, social/emotional behavioral functioning, inattention/hyperactivity, or other personality factors for both children and adults.

Private psychological evaluations vary depending on the individual need, but an evaluation may include:

Interview with the client

Classroom Observation and/or Teacher Interview

Cognitive Ability (IQ) 

Academic Achievement Assessment (Reading, Written Expression and Mathematics)

Oral Language & Listening Comprehension

Social/Emotional Behavioral 

Executive Functioning 

Inattention and/or Hyperactive/Impulsive Behaviors



Independent Educational Evaluations:

Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) are evaluations conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the public school corporation responsible for the education of your child.  As a parent, you have the right to an independent educational evaluation at the public school corporation’s expense if you disagree with the evaluation that was completed by the public school corporation. Notably, when an IEE is conducted, the results of the evaluation must be considered by the public school corporation. An IEE can be a valuable tool for parents when there are concerns regarding the thoroughness and findings of an evaluation conducted by school personnel.


Giftedness Evaluations:

Dr. Ragonese and her staff at Ragonese Psychological Services, LLC are well versed in the unique characteristics and specific learning needs of gifted and talented students. An assessment for giftedness often includes:

Interview with parent and child

Cognitive Ability Testing (IQ)

Academic Achievement Testing

Social/Emotional Assessment

Assessment Process Details:

The assessment process is typically broken down into four steps: the initial appointment/intake, assessment appointment (often times 2 are needed), comprehensive written report for your records, feedback/follow-up appointment to review results.

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